We now provide dry cleaning for clothing and household items that have been damaged by fire or floods.

It's tough, almost impossible, to get odors like these out just to be able to re-use your damaged items. Most would consider items  a complete loss but we have the solution for these cases. We have the important products to remove and restore everyday items like clothes, bedding, drapery, etc. Our large location which is our plant here in Bankers Hill has large capacity machines that can handle and restore pretty much everything  in a household and get it done quickly and efficient. We know how these unfortunate events can be devastating but we are here to make the cleaning of your items a breeze.

Our fire restoration dry cleaning includes special products that  will eliminate the tough odors not just mask them allowing them to come back. Restoration dry cleaning can help lots of different ways :

  • Fire- Smoke, puff-back damage, fire debris contamination, and soot.
  • Floods- Water damage, mold contamination, mildew odors, etc.
  • This also helps in cases of oil spills and animal odors/contamination among other things. 
Fire Restoration